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Amber Preperation LLC serves the River Hill community by providing an easy-to-use marketplace where students can buy and sell used test prep books for a more affordable price. Prices for test prep books are on the rise, and the costs pile up as students take College Entrance Exams and Advanced Placement classes throughout their high school career. It became clear to the founders of Amber Prep that something had to be done. Thus, they created Amber Prep, a platform where students can buy/sell these books. Test prep books also often go to waste, as after a student completes their respective exam, it ends up sitting in a corner collecting dust. Amber Prep offers a channel where students can help other students out in test preparation by giving access to prep materials for a better price in the River Hill community. In addition, older students often leave helpful highlights and side notes in their books; this offers very valuable information to students who buy those books. On the other hand, Amber Prep helps older students get rid of their old books, which simply sit there and take up space. Through the Amber Prep marketplace, sellers are able to make some money back on their old books; more importantly, they are able to help younger students succeed in the same way they did. Amber Prep prides itself on serving all of the student community and helping to make a difference in the River Hill area.

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All profits donated!

Unlike many other companies in the space, Amber Prep’s mission is not to make money, but to help out our local River Hill community the best way we can. Although Amber Prep takes a commission of all sales,100% of the profits are donated to various charities and non-profits. These organizations are vital to creating a healthy and strong community by giving school supplies and textbooks to students coming from low-income backgrounds, sponsoring school events,  providing free tutoring to all students, and much more. It is Amber Prep's mission to help out the local River Hill community, to help students gain the best test prep experience possible, and to help out students who often can’t afford necessary materials to succeed.

Meet the Founders

Jiwan Ghoseiri
Co- Founder and CEO of Amber Prep
Praneel Jakkampudi
Co- Founder and CEO of Amber Prep

Shivum Pandove
Co- Founder of Amber Prep

Daniel He
Co- Founder of Amber Prep

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