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Buy/Sell Used Test Prep Books 


Many students leave their books to sit and collect dust after just one use! Therefore, we provided a solution. Amber Prep is an online marketplace where students can buy and sell their used test prep books. Students are able to list their old books on our website and make some money back from it! Students are also able to buy these test prep books for a much more affordable price. Although it may seem unintuitive to use older books, students often leave helpful notes and highlights in their books, and these books are much more affordable too. Thus, Amber Prep offers benefits to all people who use our platform and is dedicated to helping out the River Hill Community!

Tests Supported


Amber Prep is now open all year!


Fill out the form and list your used prep books on our website!


Buy test prep materials for all your upcoming classes and tests! 

How it Works


1) Browse our collection and order any books you like
2) You'll receive a confirmation email with order details. Wait patiently for your book to be delivered!

3) You will receive your book at your doorstep by the end of the week


1) Fill out the seller listing form 
2) Once our team approves your listing, you'll receive a confirmation email
3) We will notify you with pick-up instructions when your book has been sold. Your payment will be mailed to you by the end of the week
*Currently we do not operate (pickup/deliver) outside of the Howard County area

Join the Community

Create an account and unlock many benefits including . . .

- Expedited buying and selling 

- Early updates on sales and other events

- Access to exclusive information from Amber

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